How did U guys controlled your sleepiness while doing a literature review?

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Wow, the title seems very academic and informative. Kah kah!

I am now in a phase of thesis writing. Ya I know I took a veeery long time to finish. Sigh -_-

Doing a literature review was not easy I tell U. The LR itself is hard, my state while doing LR far harder. Haha. I get sleepy very quick while reading the LR material.

In order to understand everything I will try to read the whole sentence. There will come the sleepiness problem. Then I will do something else to overcome the feeling to sleep eventho I only read half of the journal. lol! Usually I will go search movies online. Playing games on the phone. Or even scroll the FB and insta feed. But like seriously, these activities does not help at all! It was just distracting my work to be done. 

But I did google few things to do to overcome sleepiness.

  1. Strut your stuff. Studies show that taking a 20-minute walk can boost your energy levels and decrease fatigue. 
  2. Involve your ears. 
  3. Give your eyes a break.
  4. Stretch it out. 
  5. Fuel up with healthy snacks. 
  6. When all else fails, use cold water.
These all 6 point will work for those who already work for longer time. But for me who work for a short time and always sleepy while doing work, I need another method so that I can finish my work fast. It was not possible for me to take a nap in every 30 minutes. I might doing things wrong. :P. I'm 28 y.o already, but still at school. Oh no! Need to get out from here instantly!

I think that I've just figured out something which is wayy easier for me to overcome my sleepiness syndrome while looking for the information to write up in my thesis. The key word is: "I need to keep my brain in an active phase."

In the other word, I'm sharing tips on how to read literature effectively without fall into sleep, which I hope will work for me.

Know what info that you actually searching for. 
Do not read the whole things written on the journal. Of course, you will easily get bored and thus sleepy plus lazy -_-

Do not read for more than 15 minutes 
What I mean here, you need to do some sketch. Jot down the notes using your own sentence based on your understanding. Brainstorm the info that you get. By this, you will activate your brain. Reading (in my opinion) is a passive action. Without brainstorming the info, you will let your brain in a passive phase longer. And after that you started to tepuk-tepuk bantal. lol!

Ahh thats all. Kih kih kih. Its easy. Keep your brain active by keep thinking. Then, you wont fall into sleep. It is the same situation while you are having your hard time with all the never ends problem. It will be hard to sleep because you keep thinking about the problem. Your brain is in active phase at this moment. You can implement this situation for your LR work. Simple. Haha

At first, there were lots of ideas to write in here, but suddenly everything was like evaporates away from my mind. Hahaha

So another tip here, when you want to start writing, make a sketch first. This is a safe way to write that you don't get lost in your own world.kui3.

Blog post title is kinda misleading. But did anyone cares?

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