2nd Jan: Achievement?

by - 6:17 PM

2nd day of 2017. Pheww. Eh assalamualaikum.

Tipu la kalau cakap tak cuak. I'm going to be 29 this year yet there is not much achievement unlock. Except for 'that one'. Unlocked and then suddenly get locked again without leaving key for unlock. Ahh this is hard 😰.
Takpe, lets move on to unlock for another achievment. I would say, one of the most must things to achieve this year is to graduate my master study. Masya-Allah, this is wayyyy too tough for me. May Allah bless and open the door for me to end this super heart broken, bloody journey. Ya Allah, I do hope i gain, i learn something beneficial in my master journey. I wish that the knowledge that I learn during my study would benefit me and the society later. Aminn.

Takat tu jela aku boleh reveal, perancangan banyak-banyak tak leh cerita kt sini. Once achieved, i'll share the story. Eh riak plak. Adoi susahla. Ok la even if not accomplish, i might write it here. Untuk pedoman masa depan. Ahh gittu.

In general, semua orang nak jadi manusia yang lebih baik, lebih beriman, lebih dekat dengan Allah. Same goes to me. May Allah ease our journey with His barokah. Have a bless 2017 ahead 💪🏻

Gambar tak berapa cantik ni takde ape, simboliknya cuma gambar yang di ambil pd 2nd January. kualiti gambar tak cantik sbb photographernya tak pandai, but the real scenary is subhanallah 😍 Picture taken on 2nd January, somewhere in Merapoh i guess. On my way back to KL from kelantan.

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