April 2012 - Dear Haxeera,

24 April 2012

7 Spiritually Productive Activities

You should aim to develop the following 7 Spiritually Productive activities into habits so that you can hopefully continue benefitting from them throughout your life. I consider these activities as the spiritual ‘bread and butter’ of any ProductiveMuslim. To develop them as habits is the essence of embarking on your journey towards the love of Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) and constantly increasing in your eman, inshaAllah:

1) Pray the Sunnah Prayers before and/or after Prayer

2) Remembrance of Allah after Salah

3) Morning/Evening Remembrance of Allah

4) Night Prayer

5) Duha Prayer

6) Supplications before you Sleep

7) Reciting one hour of Quran each day